Birmingham club refused premise licence but applying for SEV licence anyway

A proposed club -‘Paradise’ – on Broad Street Birmingham, where there are already 3 Sexual Entertainment Venues, was refused a premise licence on 28th October this year, with the manager of the local Business Improvement District arguing the premise would be unsuitable given proximity of other clubs; near to a bus stop used by young people and also that the owners had no experience of management. Despite this, the owners have still submitted an application for a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence, which will be considered in December. Though premise licensing, planning consent and SEV licensing are separate processes, it would be odd for a club to have a licence for SEV but no alcohol licence given most club make most of their profit through alcohol sales. Would end up being not unlike the ‘near beer’ premises still found in parts of Soho where people pay inflated prices for non-alcholic cocktails. Watch this space for the outcome of the SEV application (which can be objected to until 2nd December, though no details currently on Birmingham’s licensing web pages).

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Platinum Lounge Chester remains open pending judicial review

Lap Dancing Club, Platinum Lounge in Chester, was forced to close immediately on 17th September 2013 when Cheshire West and Chester Licensing Committee refused to renew their Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence. Solicitors seeking a judicial review of the decision have now been told the case can proceed and the club can remain open pending the outcome of the appeal.12210266


Spearmint Rhino Companies (Europe) Limited v London Borough of Camden


An appeal against licensing conditions imposed by Camden on Spearmint Rhino (Tottenham Court Road) has been lost. The challenge would have prevented conditions requiring venues to permit immediate inspection of CCTV footage. The challenge also argued that the condition preventing opening beyond 3pm was unreasonable. Both of these arguments were lost, with the latter deemed inappropriate given the presence of ‘touts’ outside the venue. The presiding judge ruled:

“I am left in no doubt that the club is an attraction which draws touts to the vicinity and keeps them there whilst the club is open. It is pervasive and persistent and intractable. The behaviour of the touts is anti-social and is I find perceived by some as intimidating. The issue is not just the question of crime, disorder and nuisance but the wider character of the area. All the best efforts of the club have properly been put into seeking to eradicate the problem which they themselves describe as a scourge but to no real effect, save for a temporary displacement at a short distance. As I am sure of this and that when the club shuts at 4 a.m. the problem goes away, the only relief which I can give to the affected residents is not to add to the problems and difficulties caused until a solution can be found. For this reason alone I would refuse the club’s application to extend their hours….”


SEV news update

Some quick lines:

Platinum Lace in Brighton going for renewal (objections by 28th Nov):

Flirtz in Nottingham going for renewal (hearing 18 Nov):

Temptations T2 in Plymouth going for renewal (objections by 3rd Dec) as is Angels, albeit the latter want to extend opening on Mondays and tuesday to 4pm and also change the conditions of its licence by deleting reference to a 1m separation of dancer and customer:

Leeds clubs going for renewal later this month, with threat of licences being revoked because of new policy guidelines suggesting need of reduction in club numbers:

Finally, it appears that the Nightingales club in Birmingham obtained a licence in July for sexual entertainment. I assume there were no objections and it was given approval without reference to committee as I can see no record in council minutes. For information, it is a long established male club in the ‘gay village’ of Birmingham.

Bournemouth: ‘Wiggle’ club faces opposition at SEV renewal

“A Bournemouth lap-dancing club could lose its licence amid allegations performers have been getting too close to customers.


Wiggle, in Old Christchurch Road, is facing claims its staff have breached strict rules on the sexual entertainment it can offer.

Its sexual entertainment licence is currently up for renewal and both Dorset Police and Bournemouth council’s licensing department have raised objections.

They claim the applicants, Portsmouth-based Wellhot Ltd, are unsuitable to continue to hold such a licence. The matter will be discussed at Bournemouth’s licensing board meeting on Thursday, when councillors will decide what action to take.”


The attached documents include details of the police objection, and detail sexual simulation, touching of customers and breaches of licensing conditions.

There were, however, no public objections to relicensing. The outcome will be known tomorrow: watch this space for details.


UPDATE: Defended by Phil Kolvin QC, the premise has retained its licence on a six month basis with the Chair of the Committee Cllr Morgan telling the owner “We’re giving you a lifeline here”.