Leeds Lap dancing club gets planning permission

Widely reported in Leeds that Black Diamond club (now Tantric Blue) will double in size: having obtained an SEV licence it was noted that it had never obtained planning permission, so this was sought and obtained. The recommendation of the local authority was as follows:

“The proposed use is compatible with the Entertainment Quarter designation. Evidence suggests that the use would be likely to have less of a direct impact on the amenities of the locality than the use of the building primarily as a drinking establishment. ”

Which is interestingly juxtaposed to some of the principles in the new licensing policy for SEVs, which treats SEVs differently than pubs, and less suited to particular city centre locales.

The planning recommendation can be read here:

Application 1301428FU – Change of Use of building to form lap dancing club – 68-72 New Briggate LS


Birmingham appeal against refusal of planning permission for SEV dismissed

Last year there was a planning application for a pub in Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham to convert to a gentleman’s club (planners don’t use the term Sexual Entertainment Venue, it seems – probably just as well given the overlapping jurisdiction of planners and licensing officers in this area). Anyway, the permission was refused, and appealed, but the planning inspector has now dismissed this appeal. Reading the letter, one gets a clear sense that the planning regime overlaps with licensing in quite an awkward way now, as the planning inspector is making the same sort of judgments about appropriateness of locality that a licensing committee would do – albeit that a planning inspector has more experience of judging these things in different contexts nationally, and not merely on the basis of ‘local knowledge’

From the decision letter:

“Several local organisations and people have commented on the acceptability of this type of use in this district centre, raising moral considerations. Some of the nearby community, cultural and religious uses are sometimes open at night, and some members of the local community might not see this type of use as a compatible activity. However, I have considered this proposal purely in terms of valid land-use and planning considerations. I note that this application was refused, against the original advice of the Council’s officers, but the Council has provided substantive and legitimate reasons for refusal, based on valid planning considerations…Consequently, and having considered all the points raised in the written representations, including the objections from local organisations, businesses and residents (including a petition), I conclude that the proposed change of use would be detrimental to the character and function of the Soho Road district centre, with the risk of crime and unsocial behaviour. These are sound and clear-cut reasons to refuse planning permission, and the appeal should therefore be dismissed.”

Full letter here:


Milton Keynes SEV to open pending planning permission

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 23.09.44

The Phoenix club, previously in the Leisure Plaza near MK central station (and next to a Toys R Us store) has obtained a licence for a new location (Midsummer Boulevard). This was unopposed and hence granted without reference to a licensing subcommittee, 19th July. However, before sexual entertainment can commence at this new location, planning permission is needed for a change of use. Though the planning dept has recommended approval, the change of use has been opposed. The planning committee will make its decision on 22 August.

See details of planning application:


UPDATE: permission was granted, but some disquiet rumbles on: http://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/council-under-fire-over-new-sex-club-approval-1-5430762

Southampton SEVs

Two clubs – the Playhouse and For Your Eyes Only – previously licensed under the 2003 Licensing Act, obtained their Sexual Entertainment Venue licence this week. The former, relatively new club, attracted three objections.

see: http://m.dailyecho.co.uk/business/10614553.Strip_clubs_granted_licences/

A third club – Isis (once the Aqua Lounge) has also just applied for a licence:


LOCAL GOVERNMENT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) ACT 1982 – SECTION 2 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A SEX ESTABLISHMENT LICENCE I Daniel Stephen Gill, of 188 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DW, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have today made application to Southampton City Council for the grant to me of a licence to use the premises known as ISIS and situate at as above as a SEXUAL ENTERTAINMENT VENUE as defined in Schedule 3 to the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982. FURTHER DETAILS: A copy of the application may be inspected at the offices of the Licensing Team, Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton SO14 7LY during normal office hours. OBJECTIONS: Any objection to the application should be made in writing, stating in general terms the grounds on which the objection is made, to the Licensing Team, Southampton City Council, PO Box no 1767, Southampton SO18 9LA and should arrive no later than 28 days after the date of this Notice. The legislation requires that an objector’s name and address shall not be revealed to the applicant by the Council without the objector’s prior consent. I declare that the information given above is true and correct in every respect DATED this day 14th of August 2013. D S Gill Premises Licence Holder read more