Birmingham caps number of SEVs and limits them to city centre

Birmingham licensing and public protection committee has voted 13-0 to support a cap on the number of SEVs in the city to 8. All must be located inside the A4540 (middle) ringroad. This is essentially limiting the total number of clubs to the current level. Webcast of meeting available to watch at:

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In September, Cheltenham Borough Council licensing committee met to consider 174 responses to its consultation on whether there should be limits imposed on SEVs in the town. The responses were majorly in favour of a zero limit in each area (85%-90% indicating that named wards were not suitable for clubs), though there were slightly fewer opposing the idea of clubs in industrial areas (around 75%). Despite this, the licensing committee resolved not to adopt a zero limit, but instead to suggest that venues will not be generally permitted in areas beyond the ‘core commercial area’, whereas applications in the town centre will be considered on a case by case basis. This was adopted by the council yesterday. Details of the consultation can be seen at:

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