Birmingham club refused premise licence but applying for SEV licence anyway

A proposed club -‘Paradise’ – on Broad Street Birmingham, where there are already 3 Sexual Entertainment Venues, was refused a premise licence on 28th October this year, with the manager of the local Business Improvement District arguing the premise would be unsuitable given proximity of other clubs; near to a bus stop used by young people and also that the owners had no experience of management. Despite this, the owners have still submitted an application for a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence, which will be considered in December. Though premise licensing, planning consent and SEV licensing are separate processes, it would be odd for a club to have a licence for SEV but no alcohol licence given most club make most of their profit through alcohol sales. Would end up being not unlike the ‘near beer’ premises still found in parts of Soho where people pay inflated prices for non-alcholic cocktails. Watch this space for the outcome of the SEV application (which can be objected to until 2nd December, though no details currently on Birmingham’s licensing web pages).

Screen shot 2013-11-17 at 13.06.58


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