SEV news update

Some quick lines:

Platinum Lace in Brighton going for renewal (objections by 28th Nov):

Flirtz in Nottingham going for renewal (hearing 18 Nov):

Temptations T2 in Plymouth going for renewal (objections by 3rd Dec) as is Angels, albeit the latter want to extend opening on Mondays and tuesday to 4pm and also change the conditions of its licence by deleting reference to a 1m separation of dancer and customer:

Leeds clubs going for renewal later this month, with threat of licences being revoked because of new policy guidelines suggesting need of reduction in club numbers:

Finally, it appears that the Nightingales club in Birmingham obtained a licence in July for sexual entertainment. I assume there were no objections and it was given approval without reference to committee as I can see no record in council minutes. For information, it is a long established male club in the ‘gay village’ of Birmingham.


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