Refusal No. 43: Reading club refused Sexual Entertainment Licence


Chronicles, in Valpy Street,  applied to Reading Borough Council for a Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence. This was refused last week. This was for a restaurant to put on burlesque dancing. Much of the discussion questioned if this would be a restaurant with sexual entertainment or a sexual entertainment venue with food.

From the hearing:

Cllr Stanway: “This is one of the most historic parts of town. I’m not convinced this fits in with the cultural theme of the area. How do you respond to claims that this is an inappropriate location?”

Mr Payne: “According to council guidelines the town centre can host up to two SEVs. This location is ideal as it is small, it is not in the main shopping area making it quite advantageous.

“One should provide entertainment to all types of visitors to Reading. Currently people seeking SEV can only visit The Lodge. This provides them with somewhere else to go.”

Cllr Stanway: “I regard Valpy Street as fairly Reading central. It’s very busy in the daytime and rush hour.”

The licence was refused on the grounds that it would be detrimental to the surrounding area, given the cultural importance of things like Reading Abbey. Councillors also highlighted in their refusal that it was primarily SEV instead of a restaurant, and not restaurant with an added SEV as the applicants tried to argue.

There were 8 objections recorded in total.



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