Newcastle renewal of striptease club hits headlines


An odd one as this venue (formerly, The Purple Door) has been licensed for sexual entertainment for a few years, but it has only been recently that the owners have proposed actually using it for lap dance. Cue 30 objections, the council’s decision to renew and an onslaught of headlines in which protestors suggest this new club, opposite the railway station in Newcastle, will set the wrong tone for visitors to the city. Harriet Harman has weighed into the debate supporting the leader of the council’s view that this venue objectifies women and should not have been licensed.

Of the 30 objections, 23 were made by current and recent students of Newcastle and Northumbria universities, with a 38-name petition also raised by them against the plans.

“A new strip club is not what Newcastle needs,” a Newcastle University medical student said. “In fact it would be very counterproductive for a city that already struggles with its reputation as a extreme party venue.

“This reputation almost put me off coming to Newcastle Medical School.”

Others had concerns that the club could lead to the city gaining a “seedy” reputation.



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