Scottish Bill to include clauses on Sexual Entertainment Venues

A bill to tighten up on public safety aspects of Scottish licensing law across a range of areas, and introduce licensing of air weapons for the first time, has been introduced to Holyrood by the Scottish Government.

The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill includes provisions covering alcohol and civic govenment licensing as it applies to taxis and private hire cars, metal dealers, public entertainment venues and sexual entertainment venues.

The clauses relating to lap dance venues can be seen hereAIR WEAPONS AND LICENSING SEV clauses. They are closely modelled on those in the England & Wales 2009 Policing and Crime Act, though there are some important differences in terms of the number of times entertainment can be provided per year without need for a licence (3 rather than 11) and also in the ways unsuitable localities are defined (i.e. in England and Wales ‘Local authorities COULD also use a licensing policy to indicate how many sex establishments, or sex establishments of a particular kind, they consider to be appropriate for a particular locality’ but in Scotland ‘a local authority MUST from time to time determine the appropriate number of sexual entertainment venues for their area and for each relevant locality, and  publicise the determination in such manner as they consider appropriate’. More subtle differences relate to the definition of nudity are also apparent (e.g. in  the  case  of  a  woman,  the  showing  of  (TO ANY EXTENT AND BY ANY MEANS) her  nipples, pubic  area,  genitals  or  anus’).

This adoptive legislative is being presented in Bill form: further details of the consultation responses which have resulted in these clauses will follow in due course.



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