Leeds clubs to remain open (for now)

Update on the Leeds SEV closures (and this one will run and run one suspects). Tow clubs have been given leave to remain open pending a judicial review. This applies to Deep Blue and Wildcats, while a third club is waiting to see if it will also be allowed to remain open. See:


I have no information about the decision to close the clubs beyond the press release: there are no minutes for the open hearings in November, weeks later, and the deliberations of the committee were held in closed session. So presumably the clubs have been given explicit reasons why their licences have not been renewed. If it is merely the fact they are inappropriately located, then this will be difficult to appeal against as the discretion that local authorities have within the law is wide indeed in this respect. Whether or not this decision has been democratically arrived at through due deliberation and consultation might be something that is raised by the clubs: it has been raised on several fora and blogs that the results of local consultations on SEVs have been far from unequivocal.

See also:




Details of the case for securing stay of council’s decision by the solicitor involved at:



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