Three Leeds Sexual Entertainment Venues lose licence


Refusal 36, 37 and 38: Wildcats, Deep Blue and Red Leopard, Leeds. Not seen any official press release or news coverage for this, but reported on:

This is in line with the SEV policy for Leeds and follows some long running campaigning. However, the three clubs shut attracted the same standard objections as the other clubs in the city, and there is no record of licensing infractions in these venues: it seems they are simply in the wrong part of town.

“The applications for Deep Blue of Wellington Street, LS1, Red Leopard and Wildcats both of The Headrow, LS1, were refused due to the number of buildings with sensitive uses nearby to the location of the premises,” says a press release from Leeds City Council.

Appeals could of course follow, but only on the basis of unreasonable processes of determining the application, not the grounds that the clubs are inappropriate in the locality – expect this one to run and run.

More to follow when I have more info.


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