Late adopters

Most local authorities with SEVs adopted the provisions of the Policing and Crime Act 2009 back in 2010-11, meaning that their licensing of SEVs started 1st April 2011. However, there were some late adopters – and some who thought they adopted but hadn’t. One example is Canterbury (see where the process of adopting the new powers had been followed through to extent that recommendation has been made to full council, but the council hadn’t approved the adoption. Ditto for Worcester, which only realised the powers hadn’t been adopted when the Black Cherry club applied for a licence (see In the event, that application was withdrawn by the applicant.

Anyway, Worcester has now adopted the powers, making it one of the later adopters in England and Wales:

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 13.46.04

But an even later adopter is Bolton, which has one venue – Diamonds – which offers striptease on a waiver to a general premise licence. The council has been consulting on its decision to adopt, and a related policy which will ban sex establishments from the town centre on the grounds that the council is trying to ‘re-generate’ it. The policy however states that their will be a presumption toward licensing existing premises.

For the policy and consultation visit Bolton’s licensing site here


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