Flirtz in Nottingham renews SEV licence in face of absolutely no objection

In November, Nottingham’s Licensing Committee considered a report of the Director of Community Protection regarding an application for the renewal of a Sex Establishment Venue Licence for the premises known as Flirtz.

Philip Thompson and Amanda Town, Alljay Leisure Limited, attended the meeting. They were represented by David Lucas, Fraser Browne Solicitors, who presented the application and summarised the professional expertise of the applicant company and its officers, and stated that they had been involved with these premises since December 2006. They all then answered questions from the Committee and made their final submissions, following which the Committee considered its decision.
DECISION: the council renewed the Sex Establishment Licence subject to the existing standard and special conditions on the current licence, a copy of which was included in the report.

The question is – there were no objections and no complaints, so why did this renewal require a committee hearing and the presence of licensees and their solicitors? Other Local authorities delegate such renewals (and even initial applications) when there are no objections.

Such is the confusingly uneven and discretionary world of sex licensing.


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