No sex (entertainment) in Hounslow

Hounslow council adopted a policy on 5th June 2011 to limit the number of sexual entertainment venues in the borough: following a vote this week, that limit is now nil.

There are currently no premises with a Sex Establishment or Sexual Entertainment Venue licence in the borough (though there were in the past), but ‘The council will not apply this limitation when considering applications for premises that were already trading with express permission for the type of entertainment which is now defined as sexual entertainment on the date that the licensing provisions were adopted if they can demonstrate in their application:

• High standards of management
• A management structure and capacity to operate the venue
• The ability to adhere to the standard conditions for sex establishments

The Council will hence consider each application on its merits although new applicants will have to demonstrate why the Council should depart from its policy’

This policy was voted on in the light of 20 letters of support for the nil policy, around 9 letters against it, and with sight of the ESRC research on sexual entertainment (see Research tab).


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