Tower Hamlets moves nearer to nil policy for sex establishments

Cabinet have approved TH’s new policy, which says there are no suitable localities for sex establishments in the borough, although the policy suggests existing clubs may be allowed to stay open (the approach taken in some other local authorities with an advertised ‘nil policy’). The policy still needs to be approved by council.



2 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets moves nearer to nil policy for sex establishments

  1. To be precise, what the proposal discussed at last week’s Cabinet meeting was a ‘nil’ policy for SEV licences, with exceptions for all 11 venues which are currently licenced for striptease (including three which don’t host striptease on a regular basis and gay pub The White Swan), a very similar policy to that of neighbouring Hackney; the proposed SEV policy has yet to be approved (read: rubber stamped) by the Licensing Committee at their forthcoming meeting on the 8th of October.

    Although the above licensing compromise is similar in form to Hackney’s, the manner in which it has been arrived at has been very different indeed: those familiar with Tower Hamlets local politics will recall that the Council held its first online consultation into the introduction of SEV licensing, proposing a ‘nil’ policy for the borough without any exceptions, was carried out in September-October 2011, i.e. two years ago; following a Freedom of Information request, it was revealed that the results had been sent off for forensic data analysis, due to alleged anomalies. Whilst the results were published for the Council by SMSR Ltd in a report dated September 2012, they only appear to have been released to the general public very recently.

    Report by SMSR Ltd dated September 2012, entitled ‘Consultation on Sex Establishments Policy in Tower
    Hamlets’, in PDF format:

    In March of this year, a SECOND online consultation was carried out on behalf of the Council – this time, only polling the public on the introduction of SEV licensing under the Police and Crime Act 2009, with no mention of the proposal for a ‘nil’ policy.

    Report dated 11 September 2013, entitled ‘Sexual Entertainment Venues – Adoption of Policy’, in PDF format:

    The demographic breakdown of the results of the 2011 consultation, the language used regarding the 2013 consultation, and the possible ramifications of Tower Hamlets Council adopting a ‘nil’ policy with exceptions have all been discussed on the Stripping The Illusion blog:

  2. Having read the mess of two consultations the council has found that the clubs are willing to co-ordinate and motivate customers. We are expecting a year of peace then attempts to close the clubs. Tower Hamlets has paid for two consultations and gotten a split decision and a firm no. You can feel the squirming from here.

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