“Sexist, misogynistic fuckface“ councillor renews lap dance licence in Bristol

Bristol: 9 objections from the public were received about the renewal of a licence of Central Chambers. (quite a low number considering the amount of publicity those campaigning against clubs in Bristol manage to achieve). Anyway, it has been reported that this was renewed yesterday (16th sept) with some fairly colourful language apparently used by a campaigner to describe the head of the three-strong licensing committee. The offending tweet has now been removed.Central-Chambers-Bristol

From: http://www.bristol-culture.com/2013/09/17/bristol-lapdancing-club-granted-new-licence/

“Central Chambers on St Stephen’s Street has had its sexual entertainment venue licence renewed by Bristol City Council despite vociferous campaigning from Bristol feminist groups.
Only three lapdancing clubs are allowed to operate in the BS1 area – Central Chambers and Urban Tiger in the city centre and T3 Temptations in Old Market.
Central Chambers successfully petitioned to retain its licence, the stipulations of which include removing the silhouette of a scantily-clad woman from the front of premises that the Bristol Post business directory innocently refers to as a wine bar.
Feminist campaigner “Bristol_Jane” was live tweeting yesterday’s hearing at City Hall, during which she called Conservative group leader Peter Abraham a “sexist, misogynistic fuckface“.
On the other side of the debate, lapdancers signed a petition started by Central Chambers manager Carrie Hale stating that they should be free to earn money how they like and that their venues are important to Bristol’s nighttime economy.”


2 thoughts on ““Sexist, misogynistic fuckface“ councillor renews lap dance licence in Bristol

    • I am not sure why the newspaper in question quoted this tweet which has now been removed. However, I quoted this and included to show some people believe that local councils are not acting appropriately in response to local concerns. I am not sure what threats of violence you are referring to in this case, but clearly this is an issue that divides opinion. I do not aim to cause any offence with this blog, and aim to provide balanced coverage of the debates, which sometimes means reporting views that some will find offensive. Apologies if this is the case in this instance.

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