Canterbury club ‘Bing’ obtains Sexual Entertainment licence

As reported previously, this application was due to be heard last month until doubts emerged that the local authority had adopted the SEV legislation. The hearing today resulted in the granting of the licence.

Representing the applicants, Leo Charalambides described the club’s proposed offerings as akin to “a Benny Hill on stage”.

Mr Charalambides told the committee: “In Canterbury there is no other type of entertainment of this nature.

“Canterbury is crying out for something which caters for an older clientele.

“Indeed, it may have been somewhere Chaucer Pilgrims might have gone for some respite from their devotions or where Christopher Marlowe might have found himself.

“This is a bit of fun. These are enlightened times. How people feel about what goes on inside is a matter of their own feelings and not for the licensing committee.

“There are real reasons to evaluate this application rather than naked nimbyism.

“I would invite you also to be aware of naked paternalism. Does the cinema round the corner only show Disney films or does it show films containing sex scenes, valance and horror?”

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