SEV Refusal no. 32: Rochester High Street/Corporation Street

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 18.56.43

Medway council were supposed to contact me about this one but they don’t seem much interested in talking to their local university on SEV matters or inviting me to hearings. Humph. Anyway, Aaron Stone’s application for a second SEV (Tenshi 2)in Rochester has been rejected, even though the Queen Charlotte has now ceased SEV activities in its cellar and this would have therefore not exceeded the limit of 2 licences for Medway. From the minutes:

“The Panel considered that the premises was not suitable to be licensed for Sexual Entertainments given the size and predominant use of 141 High Street as an Sexual Entertainment Venue as well as its proximity to community facilities such as the adjacent Adult Education Centre, which is also used as a library, its proximity to the bus stop on Corporation Street and its proximity to Tenshi1 which is also operating under a Sexual Entertainments Venue licence, as strongly evidenced by the objectors, including the Ward Councillor.

The Panel was also swayed that the egress to Tenshi 2 would be directly opposite to residential premises that are primarily occupied by the elderly.

The Panel considered evidence presented concerning the Queen Charlotte’s previous SEV Licence. However, the Panel differentiated between the Queen Charlotte and Tenshi 2 on the basis of the different combination of size and predominant use.

This record is available on our website – 1982 Act Hearing Panel – Sub-Committee of Licensing and Safety Committee, 19 June 2013

Furthermore, the egress to Tenshi 2 would be approximately 50 yards along the same stretch of road to Tenshi 1, whereas the Queen Charlotte was located further away and on a different road to Tenshi 1.

Given the above, the Panel felt that it could not issue the SEV licence even with the conditions proffered by the applicant and therefore the application was refused.”


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