Refusals no. 30 + 31: Eden and Eden 1, Blackpool

This is actually a reapplication, albeit by a new licensee, for the Dolls House premise which was refused a licence in January. Three objections – from the police, the owner of another club, and the licensing department itself. The latter notes this would be the 5th club in Blackpool which has a limit of four. However, there is some strange/interesting argumentation here about the fact this premise would have been disabled-friendly and accessible, which is cited as grounds for granting of a licence by the applicant. The licensing dept makes clear in its objections that there is no proven demand for striptease among the disabled, which is not really relevant given demand for a particular premise is not a factor that licensing should take account of (i.e. you can’t refuse to licence a business because you think it has no market, as that is contrary to the EU trade directive).

Three other clubs in Blackpool appear to have been renewed but Eden has apparently also been refused a renewal for breach of conditions. I haven’t any minutes from meetings so this is from local press reporting only. See:


One thought on “Refusals no. 30 + 31: Eden and Eden 1, Blackpool

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