Judicial review of Warwick DC decision dropped

It has been reported that the challenge to Warwick’s decision to grant a licence to Shades in Leamington has been dropped. The club was refused a licence, then granted one, a decision that some local opponents felt was unreasonable given the ‘council’s licensing committee had an express statutory discretion to refuse the application on the grounds of the previous refusal but had failed to acknowledge this
 discretion properly or at all’. Though the case for taking to judicial review had been granted, it appears all sides have determined this action is a waste of money, and it appears Warwick DC have agreed to cover some of the incurred costs.

According to Yash Pal Tara, one of those leading the appeal: “The way the process was handled offended our sense of natural justice. Companies such as Shades can afford specialist legal advice and representation which is beyond the reach of local people.

“We feel vindicated that we were granted permission for a judicial review, but on balance, there are better ways to oppose Shades and significant taxpayers’ money would be spent on this case. We did not want that.”

Cllr Michael Coker, responsible for policy on community protection, said: “We appreciate that the licensing of sexual entertainment venues is a contentious issue and that the claimants challenged the decision in what they considered to be the interests of local people.

“It is appropriate that the parties should share the costs to prevent considerable amounts of public time and money being spent on a hearing in the High Court.”

MR180413CLUB-03.jpg Thu, 18 Apr 2013 20:12:11 +0000

quotes from: http://www.warwickcourier.co.uk/news/local/legal-battle-against-leamington-sex-club-is-cancelled-1-5198958


One thought on “Judicial review of Warwick DC decision dropped

  1. Love the we want to save people money claim. If they thought they could win they would have pressed ahead, guessing they have been told they would have little chance to win a case like this.

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