SEV licences renewed in Hull despite opposition

Two clubs in Hull have been renewed. Most opposition was directed to the former Fantasy Bar, now the Honey Trap, with 25 objections mainly in the form of a standard letter alleging harm to reputation of the city, dangers for women etc. The argument that the presence of the club contributes to sexual objectification of women was made here, with particularly reference to the presence of the University and the vulnerability of students away from home. Another objections is that a school is shortly to open nearby, which could be legitimate basis for licence refusal if it is considered this makes the area inappropriate (no matter that the clubs were there first).

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 18.55.35There were however no police objections


POSTSCRIPT: These cases referred to by HUll North MP in House debate about the advantages of forcing local authorities to advertise alcohol licence applications via the local press, given the govt is considering scrapping this statutory requirement:

“I want to draw the Minister’s attention to two recent applications for lap dancing clubs in Hull. Although they were applications for clubs in the city centre, because of the nature of the establishments, people across the city may well have wished to object for a range of valid reasons. One was the proximity of the clubs to a boys school that is due to open in September. Because the school has a city-wide catchment area, those licences were of interest to many more people than would walk past the venue. Because the notification had to be advertised in the local paper, the whole community in the city could know about the application and so were in a position to object. Indeed, many people chose to object. What is more, the local paper followed up the story with an article after the hearing, to keep the community updated about what had happened. That was a proper dialogue, which informed local people and demonstrated the value of local papers.”


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