Nottingham Sex Establishment Consultation results

Nottingham City Council has introduced SEV powers and consulted over policy, suggesting that it might wish to introduce a nil limit for SEVs and sex shops in the city (where there is currently one club and one sex shop).

The results have been published:

It’s worth noting the following: ‘Shortly before the closing of the survey, the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner spoke to the Evening Post about her views on this consultation. This resulted in a front page article: “No Sex in the City” appearing on February 14th, which generated a number of comments on the article itself. It also encouraged a large number of people to respond to the survey. There were a total of 1,395 responses to the survey: over 1,000 replies were received after this article appeared in the press’.

A couple of results are of interest, firstly one showing a split among respondents about whether there are too many, too few clubs or the right number of clubs at present:
Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 15.55.38

Another shows there is some concern about imposing a nil limit, with a minority supporting the City’s proposal:

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 15.56.32

Finally, we see the familiar concern that clubs ought not to be located near schools or sites where children might be present:
Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 15.58.48

How the City responds remains to be seen.


4 thoughts on “Nottingham Sex Establishment Consultation results

  1. Not sure about the ambivalence when 61% either want the same amount or more venues. 35% as a single figure is good statistics but 65% have not endorsed a ban. Remembering that 67% of people that responded in Hackney were against a ban. Feel that the location issue is funny as clubs are not open when churches and schools are. but the what about the kiddies plays on the fears of parents even though they would probably walk past the place unless they are told where it is (your research indicated this).

    Plus this is after scaremongering by the DPC&CC based on Lilith which is as people know pretty much a waste of paper. I would not call it a qualified success for the anti campaigners. Make unsubstantiated claims and still cannot get a majority for a ban I would put that down as a loss.

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  3. I have changed this posting slightly given your points, but of course you could turn this round to say that while most people don;t endorse a nil limit, there is still a minority who want more and feel the current situation is overly restrictive. I wonder how many of those who responded actually know where Flirtz is?

    • Not sure, the fact that 34% want more and 35% want none is interesting meaning the middle ground whilst have the smallest percentage seems the most logical option at present. I always wonder just how many of the respondents are local both those for and those against. Certainly Object have mobilised it’s supporters via social media so how many who want a ban know where Flirtz is? As I find out about consultations I spread the word myself. So yes it would be interesting to know just what the real response might have been.

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