‘Bing’ SEV Canterbury preliminary hearing adjourned

Trotted along to the preliminary hearing in Canterbury today to decide if the proposed ‘polysexual’ venue offering female and male striptease (at different times) needed to go to a full hearing in due course. The logic of this two phase process is somewhat different than that adopted elsewhere where applications, if objected to, routinely go straight to the relevant subcommittee who take evidence in public. Anyway, despite the attendance of quite a few interested public spectators at the Guildhall, the hearing was postponed following advice from the borough solicitor in the light of issues raised by the legal representative for the applicant, Leo Charalambides (FTB). So watch this space for more news in due course…

UPDATE: see http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentish_gazette/news/Council-creates-open-door-for-1646/ which makes clear that the adjournment was due to the suggestion that Canterbury had not properly adopted the SEV legislation prior to the hearing.

Canterbury Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 14.35.42.


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