Refusal of SEV licence, The Harp, East Peckham (Tonbridge and Malling)

Refusal number 28: this is a rural pub that has been offering striptease entertainment for around six years, with little opposition. However, with the introduction of the new licensing regime in the borough, the licensee has applied for a licence which received 43 objections. The licence was refused on 30 May according to the council website. Details of the basis for refusal will hopefully be forthcoming in due course: alongside complaints about sexualisation and effects the visibility of such clubs have on children, the letters of objection made much of the fact the pub is out of place in a ‘quiet village’, and attracts an undesirable clientele. The decision, coupled with the refusal of the Green Man in Bucks last year, leaves few (if any?) sexual entertainment premises in rural areas in England and Wales, perpetuating a moral geography suggesting that this sort of premise is fine in large cities but not in the countryside.

The harp


One thought on “Refusal of SEV licence, The Harp, East Peckham (Tonbridge and Malling)

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