Another refusal (no. 26): Hastings


Been off to Sussex-by-the-Sea today to attend the hearing of the Environment and Safety Committee of Hastings Council, considering an application for an SEV in this licensed premises (JD, currently a bistro) in the American Ground/Claremont Street near the promenade and pier. There were 124 legitimate objections, mainly on the basis of other businesses in the vicinity: it was noted that the other licensed club in Hastings (XS) was nearby but few complaints were made about that as less visible from the promenade. The written decision will of course follow, but it appears that the committee was minded to refuse on the basis of the ‘great volume’ of opposition and on the basis that this is an area which is hoped to undergo regeneration as the rebuilding of the pier proceeds. This is the 26th refusal of an SEV to date.


One thought on “Another refusal (no. 26): Hastings

  1. I must say how lucky we are , we have never had a problem with the counsil or the licensing police in Taboo (grantham) no Objections from any police or council , even got an extra hour to stay open so we hav actually extended our SEV .
    Good luck to everyone !

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