Hounslow to impose ‘nil limit’?

“NEW rules making it much harder for strip clubs, sex shops and blue cinemas to open could be introduced.

There are currently no such adult venues in the borough but new proposals would make it very difficult for any to open in future.

Hounslow’s licensing committee is due to decide on Monday (March 11) whether to set the ‘appropriate maximum’ number of sexual entertainment venues at zero.

The move would not be an absolute ban on such establishments opening, but it would put the onus on applicants to demonstrate why the council should depart from its zero-tolerance policy.”

see: http://www.hounslowchronicle.co.uk/west-london-news/local-hounslow-news/2013/03/08/virtual-ban-on-sex-clubs-in-the-pipeline-109642-32949862/

Note, Red Lipps, formerly Mist, was refused a license in August 2012, after receiving 56 objections.


The Licensing Committee:
• approved the draft version of the policy;
• agreed to release the draft policy for public consultation for a period of four weeks with the results to be reported back to the next meeting of the Licensing Committee;
• adopted in principle and subject to the results of the consultation the level of the appropriate maximum number of sex establishments and sexual entertainment venues within specified areas of the Borough as set out in the Sex Establishments and Sex Entertainment Venue policy; namely nil; and
• agreed to review the Sex Establishments and Sex Entertainment Venue policy every five years.


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