Meeting to discuss new sex venue licensing powers in Waltham Forest

“Powers which could make it harder for lap dancing clubs and other sexual entertainment venues to get a licence in the borough will be discussed at a meeting next week.

New government legislation now allows councils the option of taking into account the views of residents and businesses when deciding whether to grant approval for such venues.

Previously local authorities could only take into consideration issues such as public safety and protecting children from harm, while petitions and other objections from the public were automatically excluded.

Currently there are not believed to be any lap dancing clubs or similar businesses in Waltham Forest.

Waltham Forest Council’s licensing and gambling committee will meet at the town hall at 7pm on Thursday February 14 to discuss the new powers.

A council report ahead of the meeting states: “The council does not have to adopt the new powers.

“However, if the council where to adopt them, it will have the power to refuse an application on potentially wider grounds than currently permitted and in doing so it will give local people a greater say over the regulation of such premises in their area (such as whether a lap dancing club is appropriate given the character of an area etc.)”

A public consultation is also being held. It closes on March 1.”


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2 thoughts on “Meeting to discuss new sex venue licensing powers in Waltham Forest

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